We are delighted to welcome the Donald Black Band to Nairn in November.  
Friday 9th November 2018 at 8pm, Nairn Community & Arts Centre.
Donald Black Band Members: Donald Black (Scottish Celtic Harmonica), Donnie Mackenzie (acoustic guitar) and Màrtainn Skene (accordion and keyboard).
Being a native of Benderloch in Argyll, Donald’s roots are firmly steeped in the West of Scotland Highland Bagpipe and Gaelic tradition but his repertoire extends well beyond to embrace the idioms of Ireland, Shetland Isles, Nova Scotia and mainstream Scotland.
His live concert performances of thoroughly challenging jigs, marches, hornpipes, strathspeys, reels and emotionally charged slow airs and laments have delighted audiences from the highlands and islands of Scotland, UK-wide, through Europe – from Moscow to Kansas City, Syracuse and Chicago, U.S.A..
This will be a night not to miss! Book your ticket now HERE.